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star wars commander cheats

If we do a bit of memory Andro4all remember that we told you that Disney had launched a series of games for Android related to Star Wars, such as Star Wars: Assault Team and Tiny Death Star, a few games set in the same series but with thematic fully different. Well today Disney has decided to remove them from Google Play without giving any explanation to the developers themselves.

According account Nimblebit boys, both applications developers, Disney has removed them without even informal them. Such has been the anger of the team have even said that if a developer is looking to partner with Disney may be making a big mistake. Although there is no official explanation, we can figure out why it has been.

If we look back, we realize that last week Disney released a new game based on Star Wars trying to emulate the famous Clash of Clans dubbed Star Wars: Commander so you may have decided that it would be advisable to focus on the development of this new game and set aside earlier, but I see no reason to remove them from Google play.

Disney-Star Wars

If you descargasteis these games in your day you can still play them if you have installed and if you can return to desinstalasteis downloaded from Google Play as usual. However, if you were thinking you can no longer download it will give you errors such as "This application is not available in your country". These games are still available on platforms like Windows Phone, but hopefully they are also eliminated.
Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm Ltd. today announced the launch of 'Star Wars: Commander', a new strategy game available on iOS first for free. In the game, fans can join either the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, to recruit and manage an unstoppable force through the Star Wars galaxy in a series of epic battles in order to achieve the final victory of his party .

'Star Wars: Commander' exhibits all kinds of vehicles, weapons and technology the Star Wars universe. Players who join the Rebellion, will find themselves iconic heroes like Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia, with the aim of supporting missions for justice and freedom. Meanwhile, the leaders of the Imperial forces routed to the AT-ATs, TIE fighters and soldiers of assault to seize control of the galaxy.

star wars commander cheats android

'Star Wars: Commander' features an original story that takes place between Episodes IV and VI of the Galactic Civil War, where the "Commanders" will determine if you will win the final battle will be the strength and persistence of the Empire or the heroism and ingenuity of the Rebellion.

Star Wars: Commander

'Star Wars: Commander' players will have the following possibilities:

- Taking sides: AT-ATs Command, TIE fighters and soldiers in the Empire Assault or use the iconic heroes like Han Solo and Princess Leia in the Rebellion.

- Build and defend a base: Train troops specific and unique to each faction and strengthen a base with deflector shields, turrets, heavy artillery and other defensive weapons.

- Lead epic battles: Deploy strategically powerful armies, units and vehicles against enemies and other players in the galaxy.

- Travel to various planets and complete special missions: Being part of a brand new story as a brave leader in the fronts of the Galactic Civil War.

- Strengthen a team attack and defenses: Strengthen forces with various levels of improvement for each unit.

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Players can join the battle for control of the galaxy through the iPad, iPhone and iPod downloading the game through the online Apple Store, App Store.

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