Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Kalimba Guide

Totem Project, a new play of colors created Max: the curse of the Muslim Brotherhood. Totem project now has a start date and the name of the official:  puzzle platform game where players control totems on seeking to overthrow the evil shaman recover island of Kalimba Kalimba people.
GameSpot has provided codes for sneak peek Kalimba version where you have the opportunity to check Solo eight levels, five co-op and battle against a boss. Trial period will last sneak peek from today until November 30.
All you have to do for a chance to win a code on Xbox One is to fill the information in the form below. If you do not win the code on the first try, then you can try again until the codes are finished. Anyone can enter, so you have to enter the code now!
On the island of Kalimba nothing happens,. Kalimbi good people now living under the yoke of evil shaman, ending a cycle of peace, music and laughter. But in those days black (and the title very colorful) Misconduct of hope in the past, the Totems. Driven by the wishes of the Kalimbi, Totems engaged in an unprecedented struggle to overthrow the arrogant and free Kalimba wrong. But fighting a long and fraught with pitfalls for our avatars small wood ...

Originally named Project Totem and now the name of the sweet Kalimba, following 2D platform game from Press Play is also the date set for the release of 17 December on Xbox One and January on PC, as well other attractive price 9.99 euros. But that's not all, because they help us to wait or just go with a friend about the adventure, Microsoft shares have been friendly and first official video of the game, for our pleasure and you well heard!

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