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Clash of Clans Hack

Since I started in the world of Apple, a few years ago, I was getting into the top ten Apple Store for all applications. From games to entertain applications to get in shape. Many applications have been downloaded from Apple platform lately, but more than a year ago, the game leading order. In fact, I Clans.Clash the Clash of Clans is a strategy game available for Android and iOS developed by Finnish company SuperCell games. The same companies are also recognized "there Day" and "Boom Beach".

This game seemingly "child" is one of the most downloaded since its launch in 2012, but what makes A war different than other games? The aim is to develop and improve their own people, train and command an army to fight him and other players to the best. To become the best, it is important to belong to a good guild for you to donate troops and all may be able to use todos.En Clash of Clans is clearly divided into two parts: defense and offense. It sounds cliche right? No it is not.

If you want to improve your need people to go slowly improving their buildings, their defense and troops. To do this, you need gold, dark elixir elixir, three basic sources. How are you? This is where the participating defense and attack.

Central's people should be mine and collectors. These resources can improve their village. Great Roman Empire would be nothing if not grown vines, planted wheat and built empalizas. Well, that's pretty much the same. You have mine with a good level for a lot of resources.

Another way to get the resources to attack, and therefore theft. You need to upgrade your troops in the laboratory (the potion, and then try to save a lot). Now it is necessary that the other players must steal a lot of resources, so you have a good defense. For you updated gold. Get a quantity of gold, and not have to steal. With a strong defense is not a way to take their resources and may further increase people.

Clash of Clans Hack

Playing and sharing, and sharing gifts I mean soldiers in their clan because if jugases only at the mercy of other clans ... Here it is necessary to develop solidarity with prójimo.Tras told how the game works ... Why do you think gets older ?
Another type of construction similar games villages attacks, clans, bumpers ... but nobody is as addictive as the clash of clans. The message "Your soldiers are ready to fight" makes you want to play, and honestly, I'm going for it. It's a good game, look where you look.

If you have the Clash of clans and now and plunge into the world of fantasy with the Giants, Wizards archers, Golems, Fairies and many more.

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